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The Lesvos Greece Guide!

Lesvos Island in Greece

A Beautiful Find In The Aegean Sea .

Lesvos has it's own special character

The Real Greek Experience..

Island Transportation

The island sports an airport which has connecting flights to Athens, Greece as well as ferries to get around to the other islands.

About Lesvos Greece

A thriving tourist industry has definitely left its mark on many of the Greek Isles. But for those seeking a genuine Greek experience without the turbulence and commotion of typical tourist towns, one only has to travel to its third largest island, Lesvos. Virtually untouched by the tourist industry when compared to its bigger brother, Crete, there is plenty to see and do on Lesvos. Individuals may reach Lesvos by either a ferry from Athens or by airplane from just about any European airport. Once there, the weary traveler is welcomed by world class hotels and restaurants. Once refreshed from their journey to the island, the days are full of excitement and relaxation with bountiful options of activities to enlighten one to a vibrant Greek way of life. For those seeking culture, Lesvos presents museums, medieval fortresses, vineyard tours, and traditional Greek villages. Among the most popular of these towns and villages is Molyvos, which is considered the "tourist captial" of Lesvos; Vatera, which contains one of the longest beaches in Greece; Mytilini, which is vibrant and full of culture and life; and Petra, a little village which maintains its old world charm. And for those seeking relaxation, the island contains health spas and hot springs for a refreshing and revitalizing experience and known to bring relief to common ailments. There is plenty of exploration that can be done by jeep, horse, mule, or on foot. And for those with an inclination for water activities, this island boasts enough marinas to satisfy those sailing and yachting urges. Nature enthusiasts will find pleasure in the islands large bird and wildflower population. And for those on extended stays on the island, day trips to neighboring Turkey are also available. All of the normal creature comforts of the modern world are available on the island, from rental cars to internet. Individuals coming to Lesvos can design their own vacation based upon their holiday desires, or can coordinate with available travel agents to help with some friendly suggestions on how to get the most out of a Lesvos experience. With numerous festivals year round, the traveler is greeted with Greek hospitality as each festival presents ample singing, dancing, food and fun as well as local arts and crafts and other traditions to make this island visit a truly memorable experience that one will never forget.

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